7 Azores Islands That Will Surprise You With Their Natural Beauty


The azores are an idyllic destination for both leisure and exploration. The islands of Sao Miguel, Terceira and Graciosa boast numerous attractions for all types; from bustling metropolises with bustling cities and bustling ports to idyllic villages nestled in valleys offering glimpses of grand mountain ranges.

Sao Miguel is the most populous island, boasting a population of just under 200,000 inhabitants; however, its capital city Funchal has a mere 5,000 inhabitants. On Terceira there are only 2,500 people residing within its compact city of Angra do Heroísmo – which offers visitors with a glimpse into a more isolated lifestyle away from bustling metropolis after bustling metropolis!

Whether you’re itching to get off the beaten path or simply seeking out a relaxation haven, these seven islands will captivate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ponta Delgada

Allow yourself to become enveloped in the abundant natural splendor of the capital city, Ponta Delgada. This captivating locale boasts an abundance of sunshine and invigorating temperatures all year round, making it a prime vacation spot for those seeking respite from the rigors of everyday life

To navigate the streets of this enchanting town is to be transported into another realm altogether; its narrow alleyways and stately cafés and restaurants create a dreamlike atmosphere that beckons travellers eager to explore its many facets.

This cosmopolitan city has been named one of the Top 10 cities in the world by National Geographic: its variety of dining options, nightlife scene and friendly locals are sure to delight anyone!

the Capital Island of the Azores

Are you seeking an abandoned quarry? Are you in search of a serene patio in which to sip espresso or perhaps a peaceful corner where to plop down while soaking up the sun? Then look no further than the capital island – São Miguel.

In recent years, the municipality of Angra do Heroísmo has garnered quite a reputation for its burgeoning nightlife scene and its vibrant music festivals. With over 2,000 population living within its boundaries, it is probably not too surprising that this city is then considered popular among tourists with its captivating ambiance as well as cosmopolitan appeal. It is also equipped with ample accommodations making it an ideal destination for visitors looking for both convenience and comfort!

Pico do Corvo

The idyllic landscape of Pico do Corvo is an ideal spot for a dip in the ocean. It can be reached via a short hike or a more leisurely stroll through the woods; whichever route you take, it will be sure to provide ample opportunity for exploration!

Offering unrivaled views of the sea and sky, this preserve provides refuge from the hustle bustle of urban life. In addition to its pristine ambiance, its elements such as rocks and trees create an enchanting cocoon within which one can unwind in tranquility.

the Mountainous Island Near Sao Miguel

The stunning mountainous island of Santa Maria has garnered its share of admirers, but even more so for its extraordinary isolation. It lies off the coast of Sao Miguel; an island known for its striking cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Its remoteness from other landmasses means visitors must either charter a boat or hike in order to experience this sanctuary – making it quite an adventurous expedition!

The countryside is rustic yet enchanting, with well-maintained pastures dotted with grazing goats and sheep offering serenity along with spectacular vistas reminiscent of Middle Earth as one travels along alpine trails.

São Jorge Island

Unrivaled in its captivating visual appeal, São Jorge Island is a veritable mecca for travelers seeking to experience the quintessential idyllic paradise. Lush with towering evergreen trees and a myriad of inviting beaches that beckon to visitors from all corners of the globe; this remote outpost offers an invigorating respite from the bustling city life!

Donning my hiking gear, I ventured out towards one of these idyllic beaches – and was astounded by the splendor that awaited me. The sun had just set behind the island’s highest peak, casting a radiant glow across its gentle contours. It truly could not have been more blissful!

I couldn’t help but marvel at how delectable it smelled here on São Jorge Island. Brimming with raspberries and apple trees, there’s no shortage of scrumptious treats at hand while exploring its many landscapes.

Upon setting foot onto this captivating shoreline, I was greeted by its shimmering azure waters. Absolutely breathtaking!

My explorations were far from finished as I sought refuge under a tree during a sudden downpour that unleashed torrential waters upon our serene cove.

Portugal’s Largest Island

Not all of the islands in the Azores archipelago boast beaches, but making it to one of them is quite an experience. The Calheta Beach on Santa Maria Island is regarded as the largest and most frequented spot along its entire coastline.

At over six kilometres long, Calheta Beach possesses a shallow lagoon and ample opportunities for sunbathing. Visitors can take advantage of this area’s amenities and indulge in activities such as fishing or swimming!

Ponta Delgada in Winter – Snow Cap on Top of Ponta Delgada

An ethereal landscape, snow-covered mountains bathed in sunlight create a captivating scene during wintertime. Nestled into the azores archipelago’s mountainous terrain, it is no surprise that this island boasts one of the most stunning landscapes available anywhere in the world!

Greeted with an enchanting sight upon arrival to Ponta Delgada harbor, visitors may be mesmerized by the captivating sight of snow cap on top of its highest point – Mount Cavadour. This majestic mountain boasts a craggy appearance covered in pristine snow from its summit all the way down to its base; creating an inspiring image for those seeking inspiration!

A Landscape Scene on Pico do Fogo – One of the Most Volcanically Active Islands in the Azores

The scenic landscape at Pico do Fogo, the tallest active volcano in Portugal and one of the most remote locations in the Archipelago, is one of its most unforgettable aspects. The island boasts an unspoiled paradise dotted with wildflowers; lush green valleys and snowcapped peaks that seem to float above the earth.

Pico do Fogo’s compelling beauty cannot be overstated – it is truly awe-inspiring! Within an hour’s time-frame from Ponta Delgada airport, visitors can venture out into this captivating landcape scene; a magnificent view that leaves no doubt as to why it was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1994!

Ponta Delgada Volcano Crater Lake at Night

The volcanic activity at Ponta Delgada Volcano has left behind a rugged landscape of craggy cliffs, lava tubes and molten rock deposits. This area is known for its captivating landscapes and jaw-dropping sunsets that are sure to delight any traveler.

If you’re seeking solace from relentless crowds in typical tourist hotspots, consider hiking along the shores of this serene crater lake. Upon arrival, don’t forget to pack your swimwear and snacks for an invigorating dip!

Santa Maria Island

Santa Maria is a jewel of nature in the Atlantic Ocean, located within the archipelago of the same name. This idyllic island is adorned with lush greenery – including many varieties of palm trees that thrive here due to abundant rainfall and fertile soil.

The island’s landscape is dotted with numerous plazas, floral gardens and quaint beachside bars that are perfect for relaxing after a day filled with exploration. There is also a remarkable opportunity for visitors to enjoy pleasant strolls along its shoreline; both during morning hours when sunlight bathes everything in its serene glow or after sunset where incandescent moonlight illuminates its tranquil hues – creating an enchanting ambiance!

For those who’d like to get off the beaten path and discover what lies beyond Santa Maria Island, they can embark on excursions via boat or airplane to explore further destinations such as Santiago Island, Corvo Island and São Miguel Island.

a Small Island with Mellow Colorful Houses

In northern Portugal, a captivating paradise awaits at the end of a pier in Ponta Delgada’s Marina. With enchanting blues and pinks surrounding its shores, this idyllic city boasts some of the most enticing views on the planet – even if it is only an archipelago!

Abandoning any pretense of order or design, each dwelling here is adorned with cheerful hues that add a sense of whimsy to this otherwise serene setting. With their distinctively colored façades and spartan interiors, I could easily imagine myself staying here for weeks on end!


With a population of only around 4,000 inhabitants, these islands are truly one-of-a-kind. The archipelago’s numerous peaks, ravines and lakes create a sense of grandeur while its verdant forests and pristine beaches provide ample opportunities for exploration.

Our list of 7 Azores Islands is an introduction to this alluring region, so if you’ve yet to visit or have never set foot on any of them – don’t hesitate – take the plunge! After all, what better way is there than experiencing something firsthand to fully understand its magnificence?



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