7 Awesome Things to Do in Egypt Right Now


Are you eager to explore the glories of Egypt? The allure of this captivating destination is undeniable, with its breathtaking landscapes and unique culture offering an unparalleled experience.

Egypt is renowned as one of the most intriguing destinations in the world, inviting curious tourists from around the globe to explore its rich history and fascinating traditions. So don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! Here are just a few exciting things to do in Egypt – discover more at GoEgypt.com

See the Monuments of Egypt

The pyramids of Giza are without a doubt one of the most iconic sights in Egypt. These colossal constructions situated along the banks of the Great Pyramid of Khufu (or Cheops) and its neighbor, second largest edifice – Abu-Khalil – are among the most venerated monuments on earth.

Visitors can climb up the pyramids’ peaks to get an unparalleled view at their immense scale. I highly recommend it! Although you cannot enter the burial chambers due to conservation work currently underway, those who do venture inside are able to revel in the majestic beauty found amidst these ruins.

Those seeking even greater thrills should venture out into the desert and explore Qala’un necropolis or further afield to inspect the exquisite tombs that have been carved out within Dendara; or visit Saqqara where you will find fascinating artefacts such as mummies and sarcophagi bearing hieroglyphics from ancient times. Don’t miss a chance to explore Luxor where many temples exist with remnants of decline; catch glimpses of Memphis, which is renowned for its Giza Necropolis; or explore Assiut’s temple complex located near the Upper Egyptian city by taking an excursion boat ride on its riverbanks.

Dying to know more about how we got here? Take my journey through The Road Trip Guide: Best Day Trips From Cairo as your guide, where I provide a concise itinerary for visiting these historic sites during this period of time!

Visit the Suez Canal

Egypt’s second-largest city, Port Said, is located on Egypt’s western coast and lies in proximity to the Suez Canal. Port Said was once an important seaport and trade post for ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans and Arabs. Today, it remains one of Egypt’s most picturesque destinations offering travelers an opportunity to explore its impressive Roman ruins along with experiencing the unique atmosphere associated with this renowned waterway!

The focal point of Port Said’s historical significance is the mighty canal itself; it was constructed between 1869 and 1879 by a French expedition under Ferdinand de Lesseps – considered one of the greatest engineering feats ever undertaken. The accomplishment allowed ships to travel from the Mediterranean Sea through to Red Seas without having to contend with treacherous reefs or other perils along the way.

Tour operators in Port Said offer a plethora of excursions that allow visitors to experience all facets of this intriguing city while also taking advantage of its captivating location at the mouth of the celebrated Suez Canal.

Go Canoeing on the Nile

Egypt has numerous opportunities for canoers to explore its tranquil rivers, and the longest and most famous of these is the Great Bend of the Nile – the meeting point between Upper (Sudanese) Egypt and Lower (Coptic) Egypt.

If you trek along this route, one of your stops should be at the Bousheya Island nature reserve – an idyllic spot with a serene view of Lake Manzala. This idyllic location is perfect for taking in some serenity before embarking on another day of fun!

Enjoy a Belly Dance Show

When in Egypt, don’t forget to take in a belly dance show! As the country’s cultural melting pot and birthplace of modern-day dance, there is no shortage of opportunities for revelers to get acquainted with some intriguing moves that stretch across different traditions.

Egypt boasts an arsenal of exotic performances featuring the graceful art form, from troupes performing seductive Cirque du Soleil-style routines alongside ensemble shows like ‘Temptation’ or ‘Exotique!’ There are also individual acts that revolve around themes such as Arabian or Indian dance styles; one may even witness a Las Vegas-esque show during which performers perform in costumes reminiscent of those worn by ilk back in the day! In addition, you could be fortunate enough to experience a unique performance utilizing traditional Egyptian songs accompanied by singing bowls.

Explore the Egyptian Museum

One of the world’s greatest archaeological finds, this colossal museum is one of the finest collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts ever amassed. Located in Giza, it consists of over 100 life-sized statues and thousands of funerary objects – all meticulously arranged within spacious hallways with an air of dignified elegance.

Visitors to Egypt will find Giza quite easily due to its proximity to Cairo International Airport; however, if you are staying elsewhere then finding your way here may prove more challenging. For those who have visited Egypt before, or simply wish to visit this majestic collection, don’t miss out on visiting the outstanding Egyptian Museum!

For many visitors, a visit to the Egyptian Museum is an end unto itself. I was enthralled by a glittering array of artefacts and relished my time exploring this spectacular space. At any visit you can expect to find some sensational treasures – from a truly exceptional array of mummies and jewellery to stunning vases and statuettes! Don’t miss out on taking in these breathtaking pieces!

Eagerly awaiting entry into the Egyptian Museum, we were not disappointed upon our arrival. Its stunning design is reflected in its rich history as well as its impressive collection of priceless artworks ranging from sculptures and pharaonic treasures dating back across thousands of years ago.

Take the Pedestrian Subway (metro) to Ancient Sites

Egypt’s capital city boasts one of the most comprehensive public transport systems in Egypt; its efficient metro system is a true marvel! Its operational hours may not be as wide-ranging as its sister services, but they are sufficient for anyone to utilize them on an array of occasions.

The city’s Metro connects several ancient sites like Luxor Temple with the Central Station where visitors can embark on excursions into their past. From here it is possible to hop on any bus to continue exploring the wonders of this unique locale!

For an exhilarating ride, you must choose between two distinct routes:

Unsurprisingly, this route offers users access to the temples that take center stage in Luxor – Karnak and Luxor Temple both lie within close proximity. Encompassing over six millennia of history, these sacred shrines contain relics from all over Egypt such as statues and inscriptions from Pharaonic times as well as Greco-Roman culture during Hellenic times and even pre-Islamic eras. You also have the option to detour via the nearby Valley of Kings – a fitting place for any visitor who wishes to explore its lavish mausoleum complexes.

Eat at a Street Vendor’s Cart

Egypt’s renowned spice markets are a culinary delight. Nestled in their midst are street vendors’ carts, where visitors can savor delicious delights such as falafel, hummus and fresh-baked pita bread on sticks; all at an astonishingly low cost.

Purchasing from these stalls is akin to dining al fresco – one does not need to eat inside in order for this experience to be complete!


Egypt is a captivating country with an abundance of sights to see. Whether you prefer the pyramids or camel rides through the desert, there are countless options!

Discover the alluring monuments of Egypt and its astonishing history that remains unparalleled even today. Visit tombs, pyramids and mosques – all of which were constructed thousands of years ago yet remain as majestic as ever!



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