6 Amazing Africa Resorts With the Best Kid-Friendly Amenities


An African safari is an exhilarating and rewarding experience for adults, but how about taking the kids along? With the right resort in mind, they can experience a truly memorable vacation!

As parents, we are always looking for ways to enrich our children’s experiences and give them access to those little luxuries that make life more enjoyable. For example: obtaining a better seat on an airplane; seeking out hidden gems within a destination so as to experience its unique culture and cuisine – or even securing a spacious room that allows for plenty of space for grandparents’ visits!

Whether you’re planning on taking your brood on an excursion across Africa or simply searching for a few relaxing getaways in Europe or Asia, consider opting for one of these resorts with kid-friendly amenities that will ensure everyone has a pleasant stay.

Akaunt Lodge

Proprietors of this resort were inspired by the native wildlife of Tanzania’s Ankole kingdom, a place renowned for its abundant wildlife. Indeed, it’s where the lodge is situated – nestled within the serene Mapungubwe National Park!

Guests can choose from either one or two-bedroom bungalows and apartments, which may be personalized with an array of additional amenities such as home theater systems, air conditioning units; as well as terraces and patios enhancing your experience in town.

The hotel provides first-rate services such as an onsite spa and a children’s play area where parents can rest assured that their offspring will be safe and happy while away from home.


Kenya’s Nairobi is renowned for its historic sights and activities, yet there are also plenty taking place for the little ones! Some of the best options for families include visiting the National Museum or indulging in an elephant ride – both sure to please even the pickiest of patrons.

Nairobi boasts a wealth of family-friendly amenities, from adventure clubs to exciting playgrounds and restaurants that cater alongside ages three and under. Also be sure to check out one of the city’s many parks with free access for kids – these sure won’t disappoint!

Overland Explorer Lodge

If you’re in search of an authentic African adventure, look no further than Overland Explorer! This unique lodge is situated in the heart of the savannahs surrounding Ndutu Forest Reserve – one of only thirteen national parks in the entire country.

The lodge at Ndutu offers a unique fusion of eco-friendly accommodations that highlight the striking beauty of its surroundings. Each standard room boasts spacious décor and creature comforts with thoughtful touches such as parquet floors underfoot and mosquito netting providing protection against all those pesky insects buzzing about.

South Africa

From sun drenched beaches to a captivating landscape, South Africa is an ideal destination for all ages.

What’s more, there are scores of kid-friendly attractions in the country including national parks and wildlife reserves – offering ample opportunities for adventure that will delight both adults and youngsters alike!

I am indebted to Mr. Antonius Van Wyk, who has been instrumental in making my stay at Thula Halt possible. His expertise was unparalleled – providing me with invaluable tips on where to go, highlighting activities that were suitable for young children as well as recommending services such as accommodation!

Deluxe Malindi Bay Resort & Spa

This captivating resort is situated along the pristine shores of Malindi Bay. The dazzling beach bungalows and oceanfront suites are exquisitely appointed with plush furnishings and marble baths; boasting an opulent ambiance befitting its five-star classification.

At Deluxe Malindi Bay Resort & Spa, a host of activities await guests: snorkeling, fishing excursions, kitesurfing, mountain biking and horseback riding (all available at additional cost) ensure that families can immerse themselves in the African scenery during their stay!


Kenya’s renowned Nairobi National Park is home to a multitude of world-class wildlife, including baboons, giraffes and cheetahs. For adults who prefer an adventure without leaving the comforts of their resort, there’s also the opportunity to take part in guided expeditions into this awe-inspiring location!

While Kenya exudes plenty of posh establishments for those seeking luxury, our research has identified some of its most inviting options that offer an array of kid-friendly accommodations. Unsurprisingly, these properties boast plenty of amenities designed specifically with little ones in mind; they range from spacious suites equipped with cots that can accommodate even infants up until plush rooms offering spacious beds ideal for accommodating toddlers!

Winds of the Desert Resort

The Winds of the Desert Resort exudes an air of serene luxury. Set amid stunningly picturesque palm trees and desert vistas, guests can revel in a sophisticated retreat yet remain close to the action at Bandol Country Club.

The resort provides its guests with all-inclusive accommodations along with access to their own private pool and spa; while young travelers will enjoy the convenience of having both an adults-only pool as well as one exclusively designated for children under age 12. On top of that, parents will find themselves spoilt for choice yet again – there’s even an exclusive ‘Kiddies Pool’ available for those who require peace and quiet!

Youngsters are free to play in this tranquil haven, where gastronomy options include scrumptious buffets alongside international offerings such as sushi; don’t forget about an exquisite meal prepared by master Chef Michael Murphy!

Saudi Arabia

From the moment leopard print tees and flat sandals are paired alongside a Gulf attire, it’s evident that you’ve arrived in an exotic destination. If you’re looking for a travelers’ haven set in a serene location with numerous activities on offer, then Saudi Arabia may be just what you need!

On your itinerary? You can find just about anything at this all-inclusive resort: golfing, diving, horseback riding; even ice skating and tennis!

As an added bonus, adults above 12 years of age will receive complimentary entry to local attractions such as Egypt, Jordan and Oman. Those who wish to extend their stay can obtain discounted rates at accommodations located within 1 hour from the resort – making travel around the Middle East quick and convenient!

Taj Safari Hotel and Lodge

This lush oasis within Botswana offers a range of activities and excursions geared towards our younger guests!

At this all-inclusive camp, youngsters aged five to 11 years old can embark on exciting adventures such as: fishing expeditions; horseback riding excursions; zipline treks; quad biking expeditions into the bushlands – and more!

For those age 12 and up or who would simply like to enjoy their stay in complete peace and quiet – they have an option for just that!


India is an enticing destination for those seeking a break from the urban noise and bustle of large cities. It boasts a gorgeous landscape, delicious cuisine, and luxurious accommodations.

Be sure to indulge in a day of adventure with activities like paragliding over the Sahyadri mountain ranges, fishing along its tranquil rivers, surfing along its pristine coast – or simply relaxing amidst lush greenery.

For families traveling with kids, there are numerous kid-friendly India resorts that have everything packed into one convenient location.

Blessing Ilala Private Game Reserve

Located within an expansive wildlife reserve of over 10,000 acres, this secluded retreat is reminiscent of a private Game Park.

At 757 acres, Ilala is a paradisiacal setting for guests seeking a respite from the city yet close enough for a day trip or evening excursion into town. The resort boasts ample opportunities for exploration, including hiking trails and colorful rock walls which showcase its own native plant life.


Kenya, nestled amidst its mountainous landscape and varied landscapes across the country, provides travelers with an unparalleled opportunity to explore.

At Ansena Resort in Kenya’s Country, you’ll encounter breathtaking views of Mount Kenya from every corner of this tranquil haven. The resort boasts a total of four interconnected spa retreats that offer guests all the comforts needed for leisurely indulgences; such as plunge pools, massage treatments and saunas!

Ansena Resort is ideal for families seeking respite from its high standards of service and tranquility. It offers a myriad of amenities like tennis courts, swimming pool and mini-golf course which are sure to provide lasting memories for any visitors looking for a fun getaway with their kin.


The expansive kid’s club at any one of these enticing resorts offers a host of activities for children, from arts and crafts classes to swimming lessons and even puppy cuddling sessions! Don’t forget to inquire about availability before booking; some may be closed during specific times while others are open all day long!



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