5 Uniquely Zurich Switzerland Restaurants You Can’t Experience Elsewhere


Why devote valuable time and money to hopping across the globe when you can savor local delicacies at one of these unique Zurich Switzerland restaurants?

With over 900 eateries in its metropolitan area, Zurich boasts some of the world’s most delectable cuisine. With all that choice, it is no wonder why travelers are drawn to making a pit stop in this captivating alpine metropolis!

For those seeking a culinary experience unlike any other, here are ten remarkable eateries from Zurich that will leave an impression on your travels – providing a taste of local culture and cuisine along the way!

1. Tipp-Ex

If you’re in need of an adventurous culinary experience, look no further than Tipp-Ex, with its captivating, colorfully reimagined wall hangings and dining areas. The renowned fine dining establishment prides itself on preparing delicacies from across the globe in a variety of styles – whether it be Japanese cuisine or Italian.

Tipp-Ex offers numerous delicacies:

Magnificent dishes such as sushi, tartares and soups bring along distinct flavors while incorporating a sense of artistry into their appearance. For example, one can find mackerel carpaccio layered with chili con carne served alongside slices of kiwi paired up with avocado chocolate mousse; each offering an eye-catching design while still remaining true to its origins!

Unsurprisingly, Japanese cuisines are prevalent at this restaurant – boasting both sushi and sashimi platters along with noodle dishes! For those seeking an exciting adventure within their culinary repertoire there is always the chance to create something new by altering traditional recipes; delving into different flavor profiles and exploring exotic ingredients that could potentially yield some outré results when utilized together.

Italian food is also well represented here, including pastas and rich sauces that tantalize our senses. Not only does this provide a satisfying array for diners who enjoy pasta but also provides ample opportunity for sampling local specialties such as ragu sauce or gelato ice cream creations.

2. L’Ortolan

Discerning travelers will undoubtedly be aware of L’Ortolan, an eatery specializing in delicious dishes prepared with the region’s most delectable ingredients. If you’re searching for a heavenly crepe experience or a memorable brunch, this spot is sure to impress!

You may have noticed that there aren’t any walls here, but don’t let that fool you into believing that this isn’t a chic establishment offering up its cuisine in unadulterated form. My dining companions and I were captivated by the sheer beauty of the restaurant from start to finish – its polished ambience was simply sublime!

3. Amstel Hotel and Restaurant

Amstel Hotel and Restaurant is an ideal choice for those seeking an upscale establishment yet with a casual atmosphere. This exquisite restaurant lies in the heart of Zurich; its sophisticated décor providing an unforgettable experience.

Visitors will find themselves immersed within a stylish ambiance, with plush purple seats dominating the main hall alongside intricate chandeliers. The walls are adorned with lavish rugs that add a captivating accent to the space!

Amstel Hotel and Restaurant features a diverse menu offering anything from gourmet burgers to succulent lamb tajine. Don’t forget about their incredible homemade desserts either – this place is renowned for them!

4. Zur Wurst

Lively Zurich is renowned for its culinary offerings, and Zur Wurst is a must-try! The haven of harmony between the various delicacies at this establishment are exquisite in their flavorsome combinations. Whether pairing up a succulent slice of sausage with fresh bread – or even adding cheese; these bite-sized morsels will satisfy your appetite while also creating an unforgettable ambiance conducive to socializing.

Warmth permeates the atmosphere in Zur Wurst, where guests can savor a varied menu that combines traditional and innovative cooking methods into one harmonious whole.

5. Neue Odeon Restaurant

Zurich is replete with grandiose opera houses, and the Neue Odeon Restaurant boasts a captivating ambiance that offers diners an opportunity to savor sophisticated dishes in this celebrated venue.

The restaurant’s décor deftly blends elements of old-world splendor and modern elegance.

Unquestionably one of the city’s finest restaurants, the Neue Odeon Restaurant prides itself on its commitment to excellence – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint!


The Wängle Gate was constructed in 1907 to safeguard the city’s most treasured landmark, the Fraumünster abbey. The imposing structure has been recognized by UNESCO as an outstanding example of monumental city gate design and exemplifies the importance of this historic site in the life of Zurich.

Reaching into medieval times, visitors can savor an authentic Swiss fondue experience at the Restaurant Alpenhof. This establishment is home to the only Swiss cheese-wielding chef in Europe; he crafts delectable concoctions for patrons’ enjoyment. Guests can sit down with the chef himself and let him demonstrate his skills with cheese!



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