5 Things to Know About Dubai’s Burj Al Arab


The Burj Al Arab is the world’s most opulent hotel, and from its lofty perch it offers an unparalleled panoramic view of Dubai’s Arabian Gulf.

Designed by renowned architect, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, this striking skyscraper has been dubbed ‘the most impressive building in the world’ and features a dazzling array of luxurious suites, restaurants and bars.

The structure stands at a staggering height of 828 feet (247 meters) along with 163 floors that soar into the clouds! If that wasn’t enough to impress you, consider that even if all the elevators were to simultaneously fail – they could still reach their destination safely!

In addition to its sky-high stature, the hotel boasts an incomparable level of luxury. From its opulent interiors to its expansive pools and spas – there is no lack of pampering here!

1. It’s the Largest Man-Made Object in the World

When it was unveiled in January 2007, the Burj Al Arab was hailed as the largest man-made structure in the world.

At an astounding 2,716′ feet in length and 1,000′; its status as the longest single sail-shaped skyscraper is unchallenged by any other structure in existence.

This audacious ship was constructed using around 350,000 tons of steel, while its weight comprises approximately 755,000 tons; making it one of the heaviest structures ever erected.

2. The Original Burj Al Arab Hotel Was Destroyed by Fire in 1996

In 1996, one of the most renowned hotels in the world was reduced to ashes. On the night of November 26th of that year, a fire incident occurred at The Hotel at the Top of the World. This landmark establishment had been painstakingly constructed over a period of 18 years; however all efforts proved futile when it ultimately succumbed to inferno.

Unperturbed by their loss, developers swiftly embarked on constructing a replacement edifice. The cost was estimated to be approximately $1 billion USD – making it one of the most expensive hotel conversion projects ever undertaken!

2. Burj Al Arab’s iconic design has been lauded across the globe

Since its inception in April 2007, Burj Al Arab has garnered an impressive array of accolades from esteemed organizations and institutions, including being named among 2018’s best design projects by Restaurant Design Awards as well as chosen for inclusion in New York-based architectural journal Architecture Week’s annual list of four leading architecture highlights in New York City in 2018. Most recently, Forbes listed this architectural marvel as one of the world’s most dazzling interior spaces along with those featured within Guggenheim Museum Hotels’ collection; while Condé Nast Traveler listed it among the top 10 luxury attractions worldwide alongside such renowned establishments as Four Seasons Hualalai Resort – Gathering Grounds and Universal Studios Orlando Resort seaport district tour–both also racking up prestigious selections.

3. The Modern-Day Burj Al Arab Hotel is the World’s Most Costly Building

The cost of this remarkable structure is an astonishing $1.5 billion – a figure that surpasses even the most costly structures on our list!

The historic Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of the most opulent holiday retreats in all of Dubai, featuring 542 rooms and suites spread across three floors; seven restaurants offering cuisines from around the world; and more than 300 bars and lounges for guests to enjoy. Its majestic design and captivating Arabian ambience make it a sought-after destination for visitors from home and abroad alike!

The extravagant Burj Al Arab Hotel has been the setting for numerous award ceremonies and galas over recent years, including the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Anna Wintour, 2018 Grammy Awards Gala Dinner Honoring Lady Gaga as well as other prestigious events hosted by esteemed dignitaries such as Queen Rania Jaraoud of Jordan, Eva Longoria Green, Halle Berry and so many others!

4. Only 1

At present, only a single 1,000-footer tower exists in the region of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. This solitary edifice is distinguished by its unique design and prestige: Notwithstanding its location on the Arabian Gulf, it still enjoys the distinction of being one of the world’s best-regarded hotels; this status alone elevates its standing considerably!

This complex structure, which ascends more than twice as high as New York’s Willis Tower, is an extraordinary achievement that has captivated countless onlookers across the globe.

1000 People at a Time Can Board the Vessel

While the luxurious Burj Al Arab Cruise Ship offers an unprecedented level of spaciousness, its design also comes with a crucial caveat – there is only one way up!

Such is the singular nature of this vessel, passengers are limited to a single entry point and exit. To ensure their safety during such a journey, it’s imperative that those embarking take heed and follow all instructions related to disembarkation procedures.

To facilitate expeditious arrivals at any of the five ports around Dubai, United Arab Emirates, disembarkation must occur within three hours. If passengers choose to stay aboard for longer than one day they will be granted complimentary access to explore on foot along with other amenities available onboard like restaurants and lounges!

5. Cruises From New York Can Take as Long as Four Weeks

Prior to embarking on their journey, cruise passengers will have ample time to plan their itinerary – from excursions at sea to places of interest ashore.

However, if you wish to participate in a sailaway excursion due to the lengthy duration of your voyage, it could take up to four weeks to reach its destination depending on where you are traveling from and when you depart!

Though it is possible that the journey will last more than a fortnight, some travelers opt for an even longer cruise along the Eastern Seaboard of America in order to gain access to luxurious accommodations aboard ship as well as savor the amenities such as gourmet dining options.

From the Archives: Get to Know the Original Burj Al Arab

The first residential building of its kind, the eponymous arabesque tower was unveiled in January 2004 – a monumental feat which took one year to complete and cost an astounding $1.5 billion USD at the time.

Designed by renowned architect David Fisher who hails from Australia, the Burj Al Arab has seen many remarkable transformations over the years: from a majestic five-star hotel to an exquisite dining destination situated within its confines; additionally, it has also become a prestigious residence for some of the world’s most prominent leaders as well as distinguished celebrities such as Madonna and Michael Jackson!

Fisher’s vision for this masterpiece is indisputably awe-inspiring; with soaring spires adorned with intricate floral motifs while all around you are the palatial residences of international royalty. Truly impressive!


Dubai’s Burj Al Arab and its sister hotel, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, are a veritable testament to the region’s opulence and ambition. With their unparalleled architectural prowess and seamless integration with the sea, these luxury hotels boast an aura that defies description; one worthy of a glimpse into future splendor!



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