5 Things to Do Before You Go on Your Mykonos Vacation


Are you planning an idyllic Mykonos vacation? Well, before you jet off to the famed Greek island paradise, it is essential to have a solid itinerary in place.

Whether you’re heading to Mykonos or any other Greek getaway, it’s essential to plan ahead! Ensuring that your trip runs smoothly from start to finish will ensure a memorable experience and leave you with fond recollections of your vacation. Here are five essential tasks to complete before departure – be sure to put them on your itinerary!

Get to Know Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island is a veritable ‘hub’ of activities and experiences! From the captivating sites and serene beaches to exhilarating excursions into the past; there’s something for everyone.

Mykonos has earned itself recognition as one of the world’s leading honeymoon hotspots, boasting an array of lodgings, restaurants and spas that cater exclusively to couples seeking both intimacy and indulgence during their stay.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or simply want to unwind with your own special someone, Mykonos will take care of all your needs!

Check Out the Town of Mykonos

Mykonos is a captivating piece of history, and it’s fascinating to explore its quaint pastel-colored villages nestled amid its verdant landscape. Be sure to spend some time exploring Mykonos’ unique towns; they’re an ideal starting point for exploration!

For those seeking enduring memories, there are several outstanding areas worthy of a visit: The vibrant port of Skala, which is considered the Old Town; Delphi, a sanctuary that retains its rustic charm with time; Lixouri Bay in the south where Aegean Sea meets blue waters; and finally, Little Venice – a bustling enclave created by Venetians during their reign over Mykonos Island.

Visit Chora

Behold one of the more captivating sites of this island: the enchanting Old Town of Mykonos. At its center lies a labyrinth of narrow alleyways clustered together amidst medieval-style buildings, making it an ideal day trip option for those seeking some R&R before departing on their trip!

Chora is bustling with action – and this is owed to its central location at the heart of Old Town. The village settlement has been inhabited since ancient times, spanning over two millennia.

The magic of the Chora district can be experienced at any time, but it’s particularly vibrant during the busy summer season; when people flock here from around the globe in search of tranquility amid its historic architecture and lavish offerings such as beaches and tavernas.

Explore Pines Village

Pines Village is a quintessential destination in Mykonos; nestled amid verdant vegetation and surrounded by an expanse of ocean, it cannot be understated how idyllic its location is.

This burgeoning seaside hamlet has quickly become the preferred abode for discerning locals, who flock here from all over to savor its tranquil ambience. Evenings at Pines Village are invigorating: during low season this serene haven is only accessible via motorcoach; however during high season it offers a swift and inviting alternative for those seeking out some R&R! Plush accommodations like boutique retreats and gated residences are abundant here, offering respite from both city life and sunbathing excursions on the nearby beach.

Don’t miss a visit to one of the most enchanting spots on Mykonos: its beaches! Whether you prefer tranquility or revelry, there is no shortage of options. During high season you can experience epic parties, indulgent spas along with your favorite sun loungers awaiting – just remember to book ahead!

Have Lunch at a Local Restaurant

Locals are typically more than happy to oblige when it comes to sharing their culinary knowledge, and they’ll often provide some of the most memorable meals.

A quintessential lunchtime experience on Mykonos could be savoring a decadent platter at an unpretentious taverna-style eatery with friends or family members, yet nothing beats indulging in cuisine from a local eatery!

Be sure to visit four or five restaurants before departing for dinner. You may find that one special establishment stands out among its peers – either for its ambience, decorum or even suggested menu items.

For example, I visited Mahana Bar Restaurant located on Karteria Beach that served up an epic grilled octopus appetizer – it was incredible!

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

For those seeking to get a glimpse into the island’s ancient past, there are numerous noteworthy sights that must be seen. A visit to Mykonos’ Archaeological Museum provides just such an opportunity: a one-stop shop for learning about life in antiquity!

The museum’s impressive collection boasts more than 5,000 pieces spanning over 6,000 years of history. Remnants of ancient architectural structures dot the landscape; sculpted ruins as well as statuettes depicting contemporaries can be found here along with pottery items representative of various periods.

Additionally, you will find armor from countless warlike campaigns dating back to antiquity – an essential attraction for all visitors! Furthermore, relive pivotal moments like Nefertiti’s journey from Egypt or Pompey’s conquest of Myconos – yet another quintessential experience for any traveler!

Learn About the History of Mykonos at the Archaelogical Museum at Iasos (Optional)

Mykonos’ wealth of sites and attractions are innumerable, but if you’re planning a visit during the slower months of July or August then an excursion to explore its historical past could prove quite rewarding.

The Archaelogical Museum at Iasos is situated in the center of Mykonos town, making it an ideal place to visit on your vacation. Its sprawling exhibition space contains over 3,500 finds dating back hundreds of years! From ancient marble sculptures to coins from all periods – with some pieces dating as far back as the 5th century BC!

Uncovering the secrets behind these ancient treasures can be an intriguing experience for all ages.


Your Mykonos vacation awaits! Don’t wait until it’s too late; book your flight and arrange your accommodations so that you can start planning a memorable experience.



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