5 Best Things to Do in Santorini — From Climbing the Rock to Exploring


The captivating Greek island of Santorini is a paradise for any avid traveler. With its captivating volcanic landscapes and charming villages, this idyllic destination offers an unparalleled experience like no other!

Whether you are looking to relax amidst the serene beauty of magnificent sunsets or explore some of Santorini’s fascinating attractions, there are plenty of activities available. From exploring ancient ruins to scaling up one of its imposing rock formations with your friends – it’s all possible!

If you’re intent on savoring every last bit of your holiday in Santorini, be sure to tick off these five must-do activities!

Jump from the Gorgeous Balcony of Oia

Nestled amid the idyllic landscape of Oia, Greece’s most celebrated beach resort is home to one of its most captivating features: an expansive cliffside with an inviting plunge pool below.

Atop this secluded locale lies a white-washed chapel perched atop an outcropping – and it is here that you can find the ultimate Grecian getaway!

Savor Stunning Views from Your Balcony in the Ancient City of Oia

If you’re seeking some peace and quiet away from the crowds, why not select your accommodation based upon its proximity to this famous cliffside sanctuary? If you so choose, it could be yours alone; while providing a spectacular view over the Aegean Sea.

Go on a Scooter Tour

Scooter tours are an ideal way to explore the highlights of Santorini without embarking on a strenuous hike. If you’d rather be whisked off to the adorned cliffs of Ammos Beach or traversing the White Cliffs in leisurely fashion, then these are sure to satisfy!

Within minutes of departing my hotel, I hopped aboard a pink-and-orange Vespa and was soon speeding along lanes between quaint fishing villages like Aspronisi and Oia. After an invigorating half-hour spin through these picturesque hamlets, we alighted at a central piazza for lunch with its idyllic sea views before returning for an exhilarating ride back home – how delightful!

Take a Gourmet Diving Trip

For an unparalleled adventure, consider sampling some of the finest cuisine found beneath the waves. If you’re a fan of food, then diving is a must-do activity on Santorini!

Take advantage of this opportunity to delve into the scintillating depths of the Aegean Sea and savor mouthwatering dishes created just for divers, such as gourmet sushi or mackerel carpaccio, which can be enjoyed after returning topside; even fish tacos are available for those that desire something a little more adventurous – just don’t forget your camera!

Santorini Diving Adventures takes you on a truly gastronomic journey beneath the azure waters of Santorini and across its captivating shoreline during one unforgettable excursion.

Snorkel with Whale Sharks off Crete

A cult phenomenon, whale sharks – the second-largest fish in the sea– continue to hold fascination for divers from around the world. The gentle giants inhabit warm waters of the Indian Ocean near Crete and, thus far, have only been reliably encountered off its shores.

This exhilarating encounter with these gargantuan beasts occurs at Gavrinis Bay on the island of Delos where one can enjoy snorkelling among them without any additional equipment!

Gavrinis Bay has become a mecca for snorkelers keen to tangle with these majestic creatures. On any day during the summer months, you may encounter several boats plying this spot; all offering an opportunity to experience their presence up close – or even swim alongside them if desired!

Visit the Thirassia Underground Chapel

North of the Hellenic Archaeological Museum and next door to the Cave Church of St. George is a subterranean shrines tucked away in a fidgety cave opening along the coast line.

The Thirassia Underground Chapel is seemingly nestled within its own serene, hidden location, and its interior is adorned with vibrant mosaics that depict Christ’s Resurrection and entombment in a limestone rock from previous volcanic activity.

This remarkable structure lies beneath the beach at Ayia Irini, only reachable by boat or on foot – an ideal excursion for those wanting to embark upon their first sea journey.

Skip the Ferries

In case you haven’t noticed, many of the island-hopping itineraries on this list involve taking a ferry ride over to the other side. The inexpensive excursions provide an opportunity for quick dips in the Aegean Sea – but if you don’t mind taking your time or foregoing them altogether then it’s possible to cut down on travel costs.

Here are three alternative routes that allow you to skip the boats:

Take advantage of the handy distance calculator on BoatIndex and plan your journey accordingly. Then hop aboard one of our great Santorini ferry options:

Rethymno is renowned as a prime staging point between Athens and Mykonos, so why not arrive in style with a luxurious yacht crossing? Discover cost savings by booking right here!

Go Whale Watching From Skala

If you’re seeking to witness a majestic sight in Santorini, look no further than its famous whales! These gentle giants inhabit the calmer waters surrounding the island, so it’s perfectly feasible to tour them from aboard one of its cruise ships.

Happily for travelers seeking out this quintessential experience, whale watching is immensely popular on the island – with several operators offering trips daily. For example, during the summer season between April and October I was able to reserve seats for some of my journey’s highlights aboard two different vessels; both were highly enjoyable expeditions!


With so much to see and do in Santorini, it can be challenging to determine which activity will provide the most fulfilling experience. Regardless of which option you choose, though – no matter what – remember to savor every moment!



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