10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Drains: From Planters to Sculptures and Beyond

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Drains: From Planters to Sculptures and Beyond

Repurposing old drains into something useful is not only an eco-friendly way of reducing waste, but it’s also a creative endeavor that can bring life to otherwise neglected household items. These simple plumbing fixtures have plenty of potential beyond their intended function, from transforming them into planters and sculptures to reimagining them as decorative wall pieces or functional accessories in your home.

1. DIY Planters

Repurpose old drains by turning them into quirky miniature planters that can fit snuggly on windowsills or other small spaces. Simply clean and polish the drain, add a layer of waterproof paint for protection, and place it upside-down. Add a little soil and a plant to create a vibrant, eye-catching display. This is an ideal project if you want to add some greenery to your home while also giving new life to unused drains.

2. Wall Art

A repurposed drain can double as a stylish wall ornament when placed on its side. Paint the drain in a color that complements your interior decor, and add some artistic flair with designs or patterns. Alternatively, you could use an old sink to create a beautiful mosaic wall art by filling it with various tiles and materials of your choice.

3. Centerpiece Vases

With its wide diameter and straight shape, a drain can be easily transformed into a charming centerpiece vase for your dining table or living room. Give it a fresh look by painting it with metallic or vibrant colors. Fill it with water and beautiful floating flowers for an elegant and sophisticated presentation.

4. Garden Sculptures

Repurpose drains into whimsical garden sculptures that can add a charming touch to your outdoor space. Create characterful figures by bending the pipe to form different shapes, such as birds or insects. Paint them with bright colors for an added pop of creativity and place them among flower beds or along garden pathways.

5. Outdoor Lighting

With a little bit of craftsmanship, old drains can be fashioned into unique outdoor lighting fixtures. Attach fairy lights or string lights to the inner edges of the pipe and insert them through small holes drilled along its length. This creates a beautiful ambient glow in your garden during the evening, while also upcycling an unused drain.

6. Bathroom Organizers

Repurposing old drains into bathroom organizers can be a practical and stylish way to tidy up your space. Cut the drain into segments and attach them using glue or epoxy resin to form shelves and compartments. You can also paint it with waterproof paint to match your bathroom decor, making it an efficient storage solution that complements your interior design.

7. Chalkboard Paint Drain

Transform a drain into a versatile chalkboard by painting it with chalkboard paint. The smooth surface of the pipe is perfect for writing notes, to-do lists, or doodling. Use magnets on its sides to create a mini chalkboard that can be attached to your fridge, desk, or any magnetic surface.

8. Decorative Table Lamp

Create a unique table lamp by using a drain as the central base. Place it upside-down and attach an old light bulb or small LED light strip to its opening for illumination. You can also add some embellishments like beads, rope, or twine around the neck of the drain to create an intricate design that complements your room’s theme.

9. Recycling Bin

Turn a large drain into an eye-catching recycling bin for your home or office. Paint it in bright colors and attach a label or signage to indicate which items should be placed inside. This eco-friendly solution not only reduces waste but also adds a touch of creativity to your space.

10. Faucet Handle

Give new life to an old drain by repurposing it as a faucet handle for your kitchen sink or bathroom. Drill holes in the pipe and attach it to the existing faucet using plumbing parts, ensuring you maintain a watertight seal. This transformation not only provides a unique design element but also offers a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic faucet handles.


Repurposing old drains is an excellent way to be eco-conscious and creative at the same time. From planters and sculptures to wall art and lighting, there are countless ways to transform these discarded plumbing fixtures into useful and decorative pieces for your home or workspace. Embrace your creativity and upcycle drains into works of art that reflect your unique style while contributing positively to a more sustainable future.

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