10 of the Best Seoul Restaurants for Foodies to Visit This Autumn


What do you crave if you’re looking for a memorable dining experience in Seoul?

If you’re searching for Seoul’s most scrumptious restaurants, look no further than these culinary delights. From old-school favourites to modern eateries bursting with innovative flavours, Seoul has it all!


If you’re seeking a quintessential Seoul dining experience, look no further than Soon. This restaurant is renowned for its uncompromising standards of excellence, offering cuisine that stands out among the crowd; from succulent steaks to luscious desserts with tantalizing flavors.

If you’re visiting Soon in search of exceptional cuisine, don’t forget to make reservations as early as possible. By reserving an evening reservation at this celebrated establishment, you’ll be able to travel in style while savoring some of the most exquisite delicacies on offer!

For a truly memorable dining experience, dine with Soon and enjoy impressive ambiance combined with unparalleled cuisine – guaranteed to leave an impression on any connoisseur!


Nestled within an atmospheric compound bathed in golden hues, BISTRO JEANNE exudes a distinguished ambiance that beckons patrons to savor its meticulously crafted French Cuisine.

Don’t let the word ‘bistro’ keep you from coming to this scrumptious establishment; Jo Han-Seo’s culinary masterpiece serves up authentic cuisine with masterful precision and flair – all at an accessible price for any budget!

Boasting an array of creative ways to enjoy your meal, chef Han Seo’s beverage selections are nothing short of spectacularly delicious. Under his stewardship, customers can indulge not only with tea but also coffee or even a selection of kombuchas if they so wish!


If you’re seeking an upscale dining experience, Cafe Asian Soul offers mouthwatering renditions of classic Korean dishes alongside tantalizing fusion options. From the moment we stepped into this cosy establishment, it was evident just how captivating its ambiance would be; from its extremely welcoming atmosphere to the alluring aroma of incense wafting through our nostrils – every detail is carefully deliberated for maximum impact!

Our journey commenced with a delectable assortment of yummy appetizers. For starters we opted for the ‘Soulfully Spicy’ version which included tempura-battered kimchi dumplings packed with crunchy vegetables along with tofu and noodles in a spicy sauce bathing them in pleasure! We also sampled their exquisitely crafted barbecue skewers and luscious lettuce wraps – both choices were absolutely outstanding!

When it came time to have lunch I decided on trying one of their Signature Dishes; a delicately crafted concoction combining myrtle-infused sushi rice topped with tuna and salmon roe, sprouts and green onions served atop a sizzling platter of jalapeno mayonnaise. It certainly did not disappoint!

Cafe Asian Soul offers an array of enticing choices all under one roof, including scrumptious Japanese cuisine, spicy Thai fare as well as traditional Korean meals.


For those seeking a spotless dining experience void of pretension or fussiness, Hongdae landmark Hongdaes is renowned for excelling in both realms. Unpretentious yet delicious Korean cuisine abounds at this casual eatery located within the neighborhood’s bustling nightlife hub!

An exploratory menu that features delectable options from Korea’s culinary repertoire awaits eager patrons of all ages. South Korean classics like kimchi and bulgogi are readily available alongside more exotic fare such as marinated beef short ribs with spicy dumplings as well as beef carpaccio on aromatic rice crackers with an array of garnishes; all set to tantalizing music in a leisurely atmosphere – making it ideal for families and friends alike!


If you’re in need of a quick bite to eat or just looking for a place to catch up with friends, KIMCHI MOUSE HOUSE may be the perfect fit. This casual eatery features numerous options for diners to choose from with its diverse menu including snacks like cheese trays and fried chicken; as well as larger entrees such as grilled salmon or braised pork belly!

Even if you haven’t had Korean cuisine before, you can get started with this first-rate establishment’s introductory set meal option which includes rice and soup, along with your choice of meat and side dish. Come try out this culinary experience while getting acquainted with the flavors of Korea!


If you’re seeking a lively evening out with friends in Seoul, consider Bondan Tepura. This traditional Japanese restaurant is nestled within the bustling neighborhood of Hongdae – an area well-known for its up-and-coming nightlife scene.

You can choose from grilled or fried meals, or opt for the most filling set meal; all featuring classic tempura dishes! Each offering boasts a complimentary soup, salad and rice along with other sides.

For those who crave variety, we offer sushi, tempura and teriyaki options alongside our signature ‘Bondan’ combo platters which provide savory selections that may include shrimp, beef and vegetables (amongst others) battered and cooked tableside in just one quick motion!


For those seeking a more intimate setting, you need not look any further than Sampik. This über-casual joint situated in Myeongdong is the ideal spot for a bite to eat as it affords patrons with an authentic experience of Seoul life.

If you’re looking for delicious Korean dumplings, this restaurant has aplenty from which to choose. The menu encompasses both famous and up-and-coming dishes all available within one price range; so no matter your budget there will be something that tickles your fancy! Besides its delicious dumpling assortment, they also offer more substantial options such as their kimchi stew or noodle soup along with more familiar fare like ramen and bibimbap rice bowls.

My personal favorite is the Bonjol Chicken Dumpling; its succulent filling of juicy chicken combined with delicate aromatic spices make it difficult to turn down. Its delicately spiced flavor coupled with crispy crust provides a satisfying bowlful every time I indulge in it! If you decide on this mouthwatering lunchtime delight – be sure not to miss out on the complimentary potato salad or spicy kimchi alongside it!

The cozy confines of this eatery could easily take one back in time to the neon lights of Seoul’s bustling Namsan district from decades past.


How could this perfectly venerable British establishment be overlooked when it comes to Seoul? This time-honored haven features a menu that encompasses traditional dishes such as fish and chips alongside more exotic offerings including kimchi rice.

At the heart of the experience lies an iconic onion ring which has been glazed in a sweet and savory batter. The idea here is to dip these rings into your choice of sauces; from mild saltiness to fiery spice!


This restaurant offers an array of savory pancakes, dumplings and other delectable delicacies. Some of its most popular selections include the Brooklyn-style build-your-own pancake bar, which allows patrons to choose from a variety of toppings such as strawberries or blueberries; Japanese green tea pocky sticks that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth; while Japannese curry udon noodles are another delicious option for anyone seeking a more substantial meal.

With several types of fillings available, as well as your choice of toppings and sauces, you’re certain to find a dish that suits every palate! For those who enjoy experimenting with their food more than others, this is an ideal spot where you can explore options without committing anything too major – just yet anyway!


Laos Ramen is an ideal spot for those searching for the quintessential bowl of noodles. This Seoul institution serves up a menu filled with mouthwatering ramen options, from basic shio and miso soups to spicy chili-based broths.

This quaint eatery has gained popularity among lovers of authentic Japanese cuisine – be sure to reserve ahead of time if you wish to enjoy their popular take-away lunchtime set meal!

Enlightened devotees will delight in discovering Laos’ enticing array of ramen bowls adorned with sweet corn, scallop roe, fatty pork belly and exotic mushrooms. If that’s not enough, sautéed yellow yam or egg custard can also be found on offer in addition alongside some familiar favorites like shrimp tempura or crunchy carrot chips within each dish; each one truly unique yet evocative!


The culinary scene in Seoul is captivating, to say the least. From the capital’s famed hanok houses to down-to-earth eateries with a menu solely consisting of kimchi and bap (rice rolls), there truly is something for everyone! Don’t be afraid to try these establishments; after all, who knows what delights await within?



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