10 Awesome Travel Apps to Make Your Maldives Vacation More Convenient

Are you planning a vacation in the Indian Ocean?

With Maldives, it’s easy to reach an idyllic paradise without having to leave home! All it takes is a simple internet search to locate one of these incredible islands; after all, they’re more accessible than ever before!

As technology advances, so do our travel experiences. Consider getting acquainted with some of the most useful apps available today – they will make your Maldives getaway that much easier and more enjoyable!

Important Information on Your Destination

If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, there are undoubtedly numerous factors that must be considered. From what type of travel insurance coverage is suitable for you to where you should take advantage of airfare deals – there’s no end to the array conundrums that one may face! Fortunately, however; an abundance of apps have been created that can help provide assistance in making the journey more convenient and seamless.

One such app is Travel Insurance Concierge by Altitude. The portal was created with travelers in mind, providing an extensive range of insurance options across many countries. If you require assistance insuring your trip, simply visit their website or navigate to the Travel Insurance Concierge app on your mobile device for assistance! It’s quick, simple and highly efficient!

Flight Alerts and Booking

To ensure your arrival at the most opportune time, consider checking out our travel apps’ flight alerts. These services will notify travelers when their next flight is scheduled to depart; thus granting them all-important peace of mind!

If you book with Skyscanner, it will alert you when the lowest fares are available for your desired journey.

Weather Forecast throughout the Day

For those who prefer planning every aspect of an itinerary, weather forecasting can be a boon. With this handy app at hand, you can easily access current forecasts for both daytime and nighttime reveries – thus ensuring that you don’t miss out on any opportunities arising from inclement weather!

With the Weather Channel’s forecaster app, travelers can anticipate if it will rain or shine throughout the day. Navigating through maps & graphs provides a comprehensive breakdown of all conditions that could impact travel plans; ideal for when determining where to stay or even what excursions might be feasible!

Local Currency and Tips

At times, one may find themselves in a situation wherein they need to purchase local currency; moreover, there may be instances when tipping is required. These are some of the complications that come with a trip like this, so to alleviate any anxiety – don’t forget to keep these things in mind!

If you have utilized an app before getting in your car for an excursion, then you most likely already have the information you require from it. You can access currency conversion rates as well as calculate tips based off those figures – leaving no room for error!

A quick peruse through user reviews will provide insight into who typically leaves tips and what those tend to be. This can help make finding out appropriate amounts easier; just bear in mind that if service was exceptional then it maybe worth more than if it was merely adequate!

Local Knowledge of Where to Eat

With so many options available, dining out can sometimes feel like an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, this issue has been alleviated with some innovative apps that have made it easier to discover hidden gems within the local cuisine scene.

With a little help from Travel Chef – an app created specifically for travelers – you can locate restaurants and cafes in your destination that offer good value meals while still providing quality experiences during their visits. On the flip side, if you prefer receiving the fullest sensory experience possible when dining out, then why not try something new yet traditional? Discover food offerings at various establishments offering delicacies from around the world!

What to See

The capital city of Male is home to some of the most noteworthy attractions in this tropical paradise. From a captivating art gallery, an ancient mosque and a gem market – there’s plenty for visitors to experience!

Male boasts numerous museums, galleries and monuments; many of which house renowned collections that illustrate the history of the country with intrigue. Among all these remarkable sights, one particular destination stands out: the Ibrahim Nasir Museum.

Inside its airy halls lies an impressive array of artifacts accumulated over five centuries. This exquisite collection features lavish tapestries depicting past rulers from the region – alongside intricate porcelain sculptures adorned with intricate designs and opulent colors carefully crafted by hand.

and More

With these handy tools at hand, it will be much simpler to make your Maldives vacation a success. From booking restaurants and transportation; even checking flight timings – everything is simple with the assistance of technology!

To get you started, we’ve created an array of guides designed to assist you with planning your next trip anywhere in the world. From packing lists and travel tips; all the way up to our ultimate list of best visitor-friendly destinations – this resourceful guide is sure to provide all the assistance necessary for you around the globe!

Food Delivery

If you’re on the go and don’t want to cook while away at your Maldives resort, then food delivery can come in handy. This feature is available only within a 5-mile radius of each resort; however, there are several restaurants that have their menus fully provided so as not to leave any surprises!

Food deliveries are available in three main ways: you can order ahead through an app like FoodPanda or Groove; choose from a range of options and place them at your doorstep by utilizing DoorDash – all while staying connected with friends and family back home via Facebook Messenger.

Take advantage of the plethora of solutions available in order to connect with others during your trip, whether it be for work or play. Delivering procured food from select vendors throughout your vacation locale could prove beneficial – freeing up time for those wanting to pick up meals themselves!

Photos You Can Use as References Later on

It is crucial that you bring along photos as a reference when planning your trip. The app Photos can help you keep track of memorable moments and provide you with a range of useful options for enhancing these images; such as cropping, adjusting saturation levels and applying filters such as vividness – just to name a few!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I couldn’t resist trying out the app’s My Photo Album function. After uploading my vacation snaps, I decided to go all out by creating an album dedicated solely to them; thus providing travelers like me with a wonderful souvenir from their trip!

Photo Features and Sharing Online

If you’re chomping at the bit for a snapchat-worthy Maldives moment, there is an app for that.

With Snaptivity, you can create captions, upload photos, add locations and extract all of your vacation snaps into one visually appealing post. Then, when you’re done enjoying that unforgettable experience overseas, you can easily share them online with friends and family along with a short description – all without having to leave your seat!

The app also allows users to save and export photos in various formats such as JPEG or PNG, making it easier than ever before to share photos with friends and family back home via email or social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook–or even just save them to your smartphone’s gallery!


If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives and haven’t yet begun researching various flight options, booking hotels or even making plans for excursions – don’t panic! These app-assisted resources will streamline your itinerary, expedite check-in procedures and assist in navigating through customs upon arrival.


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