10 Awesome Facts About the Maldives You Probably Didn’t Know


Are you eager to discover the ultimate Maldives vacation experience? Then you’re in luck! Discover ten intriguing facts about this alluring Indian Ocean paradise that will amaze and astound.

The Maldives Are the Largest atoll Nation in the World

The Maldives may be famed for its myriad islets and atolls, but it’s also a nation composed of just over 1,200 islands – the largest of which measures in at an impressive 11 sq km.

The country boasts a landmass nearly twice the size of Japan, making it the largest atoll nation on earth! With this in mind, one could easily say that they are truly partaking in a voyage without return; after all – even if it were possible to circumnavigate its shores – only two sizeable continents remain!

For those seeking adventure when visiting the Maldives, consider exploring more than just its beaches; there is much more here than meets the eye!

There Are More than 200 Atolls in the Maldives

The archipelago consists of an array of atolls, which are defined as a ring-shaped island made entirely from coral. With over 200 in total spread across the 1,192 islands composing this nation, it’s no wonder why some consider it to be one of the most diverse vacation destinations on earth.

The Maldives is perhaps the most well-known aspect of its country’s heritage; but don’t forget about its incomparable achievements! Don’t miss out on taking in all that this captivating country has to offer – its sights and sounds will surely leave you with a lifetime memory.

The First President of the Maldives Was a Woman

In 1965, Ibrahim Nasir officially declared the Maldives a republic. This allowed for greater power and decision-making authority to be allocated to the president rather than local rulers. Ibrahim Nasir’s successor was his wife, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom; an unprecedented move for its time!

Maumoon took office in 1968 and served until her death in 1985 – an unbroken 26-year tenure! Due to female succession being unusual at the time, it is considered one of the most significant achievements by any First Lady in history; all while presiding over their nation’s first elected government!

There Are 1388 Natural Reefs in the Maldives

Isolated from other regional nations, the Maldives boasts a total of 2200 islands – with an average of 22.6 miles separating each one. With 1388 reefs, this equates to an impressive diversity of natural formations!

Despite the country’s small size, there is still a wealth of marine life within its waters. This includes everything from giant sea turtles like the hawksbill species and epaulette whales among others; sharks (including makos) such as lemon sharks; rays and reef-associated fishes such as parrotfish and surgeonfish. In addition to these captivating creatures’ rich ecosystems containing corals, sponges and algae; saltwater lakes are also found along beaches!

Maldives Is the Most Unspoiled Ocean Country in the World

Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most pristine unspoiled locations in the entire world; there are no resorts here, so visitors can experience true island-hopping without a single resort in sight. You’ll be able to enjoy oceanside dining under the stars and lounging on blissfully white beaches – all while remaining undisturbed by any other travelers!

Traversing through this idyllic locale aboard an inflatable boat is an excursion that some tourists cannot wait to undertake. The boat rental companies in the Maldives provide a delightful opportunity for patrons who want to venture beyond the reef into uninhabited waters or cruise along certain locales during their stay.

Sunamu Kandu Falls is the Tallest in the Maldives

If you visit the Sunamu Kandu Falls in the west of Velaa island, you will be awestruck by its sheer magnitude – it is easily the tallest waterfall in all of the Maldives! At an elevation of 1,647 feet (503 m) above sea level and a total width of 150 feet (45 m), this incredible landmark is one that cannot be missed on any itinerary.

Sunamu Kandu falls is considered to be one of the most captivating sites in all of the Maldives. Its towering expanse provides visitors with an unparalleled view which ranges from turquoise waters cascading into a teardrop-shaped pool surrounded by lush greens.

The Most Dangerous Mountain in the Maldivian Chain of Islands is called Dhaalu Shaghaavu

Dhaalu Shaghaavu, situated in the southern Ari atoll, is an imposing formation towering over the surrounding islands. It’s a formidable presence that requires trekking expeditions to scale!

Indeed, this mountain boasts of its magnificent summit and is crowned with an overwhelming 2,077-meter elevation – the tallest point on the Maldives’ archipelago. Unmistakably majestic, it stands head and shoulders above everything else!

Alas, there are several other famous mountains in the country such as Yllaruvatoo (1,960 m), Laamu Huttunirath (1,892 m) and Gizhumathaa (1,854 m).

The Male Isolates of Male and Yemaja Island Were Once Shark Sanctuaries

For centuries, these two isolated beaches in the world’s most pristine archipelago have served as havens for Male – one of the country’s largest resident fish species.

While the island of Yemaja is located off the southwest corner of the nation and provides refuge for sharks during their annual migration, Male Island is one of only a few patch reefs where they can be found. In antiquity, both are renowned havens for solitary animals like turtles and dolphins while also serving as refuge from persecution by fishermen.

The abundance of black coral on each island has attracted numerous tourists since 2005. Both destinations host ecotourism initiatives that allow visitors to observe and interact with inhabitants either at leisure or as part of educational programs.


With all its glistening expanses of water and idyllic islands, the Maldives is an undeniably picturesque locale. Still not convinced? We’ve put together a list of intriguing facts about this oceanic archipelago that will undoubtedly bolster your desire to visit!

Why is it called ‘the Maldives’? This oceanic paradise was named after the Malduvans who inhabited its shores during the 13th century.



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